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Richard Matheson consistently tapped into the American subconscious, both the dreams and the nightmares, and created so many iconic stories, novels, and screenplays, that an immediate count is going to take a while. Creating many of the finest Twilight Zone episodes, he was one Rod Serling's stalwarts, along with Charles Beaumont and George Clayton Johnson. With William F. Nolan, they were all prime members of the Ray Bradbury circle. From 'The Incredible Shrinking Man' to 'Hell House' to 'I Am Legend' and onward to 'Nightstalker' and 'Duel' and 'Bid Time Return' (filmed as 'Somewhere in Time')... to 'What Dreams May Come'... Westerns, war stories, puzzle tales, horror, shock, science fiction, and deeply romantic mysticism. -- Mr. Matheson has consistently knocked my socks off since childhood. Jack Finney was one of his brother craftsmen in American fantasy. Stephen King is one of his most prominent heirs. Three of his children, Richard Christian, Chris, and Ali, admirably carry on the family trade.

It's been a tough year for our finest, our mentors, our fathers and godfathers and brothers. That's it, please, Lord. Let's take a break.

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