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As an illustrator, Greg Bear's artwork has appeared on GALAXY, FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION and VERTEX and books both hardcover and paperback. Greg was a founding member of ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction Artists. His last professional work of art was the cover of his own novel, PSYCHLONE, in reprint from Tor. (Click photos to see larger image.)

Walker on Crust
Black Hole
Black Hole
ray bradbury
Ray Bradbury:
A Portrait, With Mars

Psychlone Cover Art

Here’s Greg’s cover art for the 1988 Tor Books reprint of PSYCHLONE. The rough, the final piece, and the printed version.

Psychlone - Draft
Psychlone - Draft
Psychlone - Finished Painting
Psychlone - Final Painting
Psychlone - Book Cover
Psychlone - Printed Cover

The Halloween Tree

Found the archives, roughs for Greg’s painting, “The Halloween Tree,” part of a proposed Ray Bradbury calendar project that was never picked up by a publisher.

The Halloween Tree - Draft
The Halloween Tree - Draft
The Halloween Tree - Finished Painting
The Halloween Tree - Final Painting


Arthur C. Clarke

Greg was a big fan of Arthur C. Clarke and was delighted to meet him a couple of times as well as have a sporadic correspondence. Dr. Karl Anders traveled to Sri Lanka several times and would bring items of exchange between them. Here’s Sir Arthur posing with two of Greg’s books. Greg especially loved the pose of Clarke holding his nose over DINOSAUR SUMMER. One of the things Clarke sent was this first day cover of a Sri Lankan stamp honoring himself.

Arthur C. Clarke with Greg Bear Books
Arthur C. Clarke with Dinosaur Summer
Arthur C. Clarke - Sri Lankan Stamp


Found in the archives, the fanzine ECLIPSE, by Greg and his cousin, Dan Garrett. Hand typed, original illustrations, hand bound. Likely the only copy. Cover is a collage of painted paper shapes glued to heavier paper.

Eclipse Fanzine
Eclipse Fanzine
Eclipse Fanzine

The Unfinished Land - Notes

Found in the archives, a blank book that Greg used to put down some thoughts relating to what eventually became THE UNFINISHED LAND.

Notes for The Unfinished Land
Notes for The Unfinished Land
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