Harlan Ellison

Years ago, when Alan Brennert and I visited Harlan Ellison's amazing house (and brought him a Cuban sandwich as an illicit coin of entry) I asked Harlan what he thought his greatest work was. He said, "My marriage to Susan. I finally found a woman who would put up with me."

In addition, there are books, scripts, comics, movies, TV shows, games... But my memories of Harlan extend well beyond these excellent and explosive productions. (Don’t try taking an Ellison collection through an airport!) Harlan was one of our favorite presences, a man who did not suffer fools, or many smart people, and who often exceeded the Rickles line by a considerable margin. He was an energizing presence at conventions, a guaranteed promoter of controversy, and—for me and Astrid—a lively and pleasant companion. To those who worked with him, he was a bracing challenge and an often brilliant contributor. I described him, to his face, as the flip side of Ray Bradbury, and he smiled. He understood, as did Ray, how much they were like two sides of the same coin.

And he was Susan's husband. Susan reported he died in his sleep.

Wow. Harlan went gentle into that good night. In the end, that's primal wisdom.

Greg Bear

Biblical Quote for the Month

In honor of Jeff Sessions, here's my biblical quote for the month—

"The stink of Hell will rise from all who bring pain upon the mothers and their children, and who follow the Father of Lies."

Gospel of Mary 1:1


I am furious and heartbroken over the plight of children being separated from their parents on America's border. Donald Trump and his agents should be indicted in the Hague for crimes against humanity. Anyone who remains in the Trump administration, or who votes Republican, is about to reap the whirlwind blowing around this monstrous man and his enablers. MARCH! MARCH AND VOTE!


Greg Bear

Halo Precursors Sketch

Halo sketch by Greg BearTidying up the office today, I came across this preliminary sketch I did of the Precursors, for the Halo books. - Greg

(click for larger image)

The Poul and Karen Anderson Memorial International Travel Fund for Clarion West

From Astrid: "Greg and I are very pleased to be able to make this commitment to Clarion West in honor of my parents, Poul and Karen Anderson. The SF/F field is getting to be more international every year, and the Clarion West students reflect this. By making funds available to help one student from outside of North America each year to get to Seattle to attend the workshop, we hope to add our support to the transformative power of diversity in SF/F literature."
[This year's recipient: Ted Mahsun from Ipoh, Malaysia]

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Kids

"The powerful, motivated students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida are truly amazing. Once again I am proud to be an American. Republican legislators and NRA administrators should see this passion, this strength in youth soon to vote, as a real sign from God that they have to change their ways—or become extinct." - Greg

Twentieth Anniversary

"Celebrating twenty years (or so) of this Web Site! Many thanks to Terran Joy McCanna for designing it, and then keeping it fit and alive! And thanks to all who have contributed over those two decades. We couldn't do it without you!" - Greg Bear

SpaceX Falcon Heavy

"A huge hurrah for SpaceX and the flawless launch of its Falcon Heavy! Elon's Tesla roadster will no doubt be intercepted by an alien intelligence, and who knows where that will lead?" - Greg Bear

12 Portal Fiction Books That Will Transport You

Thank you to The Portalist for including The Infinity Concerto in this list of wonderful books:
[See Complete List]

The Portalist - How Much Revolutionary Technology is Too Much

In Greg Bear’s technothriller Dead Lines, a man’s life is forever changed when he starts seeing the ghost of his murdered daughter...
[Continue Reading]

Ursula K Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin is one of our truly great writers, wielding great imagination to spin wonderfully human (and feline) tales. It was my pleasure to once have edited one of those tales, and to have been selected for one of her own anthologies. No higher honors. Her stories possessed a mythic resonance that takes us deep into both dream and hope. She will be greatly missed.

Brain Cells Share Information With Virus-Like Capsules

This amazing article capsulizes—pun intended—a grander view of life so vaguely hinted at in DARWIN’S RADIO. Utterly amazing!

[Read Full Article in The Atlantic]

Announcement: The Unfinished Land

New York Times bestseller and multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winner Greg Bear's THE UNFINISHED LAND, about a time of great peril--the sailing of the Spanish Armada--when a young man is transported in a wrecked fishing boat to a lost island at the top of the world, to be caught up in a war that pits gods against monsters and humans against the slavery of history-- to John Joseph Adams Books (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), in a pre-empt, for publication in 2019, by Richard Curtis at Richard Curtis Associates. (North American) British and translation Baror International.

The Infinity Concerto

Thank you to The Portalist for the article and excerpt from The Infinity Concerto!

The October Country

Lovely to revisit friend and mentor Ray Bradbury's works with the help of the fine Sam Weller!

[Read "Where the Hills Are Fog and the Rivers Are Mist" by Sam Weller in The Paris Review]

Eon - Kindle Monthly Deal

Amazon has selected Eon as a Kindle Monthly Deal throughout November at just $1.99.
[Purchase from Amazon]

Yoji Kondo

Yoji Kondo's passing marks a real phase in both my life and the space program. This obituary describes so much about him that he never bragged about on his own. With Yoji gone, and Jerry Pournelle gone, my memories of the many occasions we got together at Larry Niven's house, or Jerry's house, become even more golden.
Obituary: Yoji Kondo, astrophysicist and science-fiction writer

15 Must-Read Nebula Award-Winning Books

Moving Mars has been featured on The Portalist's list of "15 Must-Read Nebula Award-Winning Books!"
[See the Complete List]

8 Books That Will Make You Fall Hard for Science Fiction

Thank you to The Portalist for featuring Just Over the Horizon in this stellar list of science fiction:
[See the Complete List]

Jerry Pournelle 2017

One of my favorite Jerry moments happened during a Citizen's Advisory Council meeting in the 1980s, held at Larry Niven's home in Tarzana and attended by rocket scientists, engineers, politicians, NASA officials, and more than a few science fiction writers and fans. Jerry was in his element, putting capable people together to effect great changes, and toward the end of a busy day, he walked through a room and proclaimed... [Continue Reading]

Greg Bear Interviewed on GeekWire

Best-selling science fiction author Greg Bear is the guest on this inaugural episode of a new GeekWire podcast series on science fiction, pop culture and the arts, hosted by GeekWire columnist Frank Catalano.
[Listen Now]

Brian Aldiss Remembered

"The last time I visited with Brian Aldiss was back in 2004, in Lawrence, Kansas. I'm not sure when I first met Brian--perhaps it was in 1971-2, when he and Harry Harrison lectured at Bette Chater's science fiction class at San Diego State College. But I've known about Brian and his work since I was ten years old..."
[Continue Reading]

Dead Lines Ebook Now Available

Ever since his life was shattered by the kidnapping and murder of his young daughter, Peter Russell has become a ghost of a man. But everything changes when a Los Angeles start-up offers him the opportunity to create promotional videos for their revolutionary new technology, Trans. But as he uses the device himself, he starts to see his murdered little girl... [Order Now!]

The Jay Kay Klein Papers

An amazing resource of science fiction culture photos has become available at the University of California at Riverside, in the Eaton Collection, of Jay Kay Klein's huge collection, assembled over many decades and many conventions. [Continue Reading]

Route 7

Once we get past this week and the horror of the tenacity of the cretins in our society, this story in the Seattle Times brings real joy. There’s more than hope. There’s certainty of human kindness and survival. - Greg
[Read: Route 7 is one of Metro Transit’s most challenging bus lines, and driver Nathan Vass loves it]

Journeys Through Time and Space

Journeys Through Time and Space Greg Bear has partnered with The Portalist to create an exclusive ebook bundle of his top five classic science fiction and fantasy books of all time. The collection will be broadly released to the public on July 11 through all major ebook retailers for only $5.99.
[Click Here for More Details]

House Deconstruction

"Our friend Jim Barger passes along this amazing blog covering the deconstruction and recovery of an old home in Seattle, one of his major passions and motivations during the past decade, as a homebuilder and contractor. Waste in the construction industry can be greatly reduced, and recycling improved, and Jim is a pioneer in the local efforts to accomplish these goals. Beyond that, this blog and photo series is a deep look, quite literally, into where and how we live." -- Greg
[House Deconstruction]

Junocam: the movie

"Michael Ravine gives us a head's up about this Junocam animation of a near-Jupiter loop, with a familiar Ligeti accompaniment... I guarantee a spiritual/scientific response. Mesmerizing and extraordinary!" - Greg
[Fly Around Jupiter Now!]

The Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater: the Early Years, and Before

"In the late 1960s, when I was seventeen and fresh out of high school, my father arranged with Bill Bridge, a fellow retired Navy officer, to have me audition at the San Diego Air and Space museum in Balboa Park as a weekend lecturer. Bill handed me a script and sent me onto the stage of a small, cozy theater, in one corner of that wonderful old museum--filled with artifacts of San Diego’s aviation history."
[Continue Reading]

Feathery Summer

"Not having had a haircut for a few months, I can sympathize with this blue heron taking a sun break on a nearby dock... I have a dignified pic as well, for contrast This bird posed for an hour, as calm as can be, despite my barrage of shutter clicks and finding different angles and changing lenses. And it never stopped looking down into the lake, searching for another meal." - Greg
Blue Heron Blue Heron Fluff and Scratch

Working Toward a Positive Future

Greg Bear has joined an impressive and diverse roster of science fiction storytellers on the @XPRIZE Science Fiction Advisory Council to help chart a path toward a positive future.

Originating from nine countries, this Advisory Council collectively holds 13 doctorates, 44 Hugo Awards, 28 Nebula Awards, 35 Locus Awards, 10 John W. Campbell Awards, six Arthur C. Clarke Awards, six British Science Fiction Association Awards, and one Academy Award.
[Learn More]

The Infinity Concerto - Audio Excerpt

Check out an audio excerpt of Greg Bear’s fantasy saga The Infinity Concerto, brought to life by the vocal talents of the Sage and Savant podcast!
[Listen Now]

10 Brilliant Hard Science Fiction Novels

The Portalist has featured Legacy on a featured list of hard sf along with other greats such as Poul Anderson and Joe Haldeman.
[See the Complete List]

Cyberpunk Books for Console Cowboys Everywhere

A great list of "high tech and low life" featuring Greg Bear's Blood Music.
[Read More]

Jack Vincent

Dipping deep into my youth and San Diego culture:

Just learned yesterday about the passing of our long-time family friend, Jack Vincent, at the age of 99. Jack and my father knew each other from the 1940s on, though I’m not entirely clear on where they met—perhaps in the Pacific, perhaps in California after the war was over. Nona Hines and Jack were married in 1951. When I was young, my mother and father and I were frequent visitors at Jack and Nona’s lovely house on Mt. Helix, and Jack was already famous in San Diego County as the late-night voice of KCBQ, which was then broadcasting with 50,000 watts of peak power. Jack was a suave, soothing MC for a late night show of top 40 and country western. I remember listening to his show in bed on my crystal radio set in 1959. Shortly thereafter, in rhe early sixties, I got a transistor radio. [Continue reading...]


Ladies and gents, on another list, Spider Robinson just came up with this absolute corker that I was unaware of.

Go to YouTube and search on TRACKDOWN, with Robert Culp, a TV series from 1958, episode entitled “The End of the World.”

Watch it.

Spider thinks this could be the first pretty solid proof of some sort of time travel. It’s spooky enough, but I think more likely is that Donald Trump was ragged in school about this episode, and some of it stuck with him...

Seattle Women's March

It's not smart to fool with dedicated women. Congrats to Astrid and the millions of participants, young and old, male and female, in this historic event. I was proud to accompany Astrid, our friends, and 130,000 other marchers in Seattle in a demonstration for women's rights, healthcare, and a progressive world. #ExcludeTrump.

(Click to see larger photo)

This picture of us waiting for the March to arrive even made the print edition of the Seattle Times. Special kudos to Andi Shechter for her stamina and for spending hours to get home on the bus.

Kid and Plastic

Here I am, working on a Monogram P-38 in San Diego in 1964.

It was on this TV two years later that I first saw STAR TREK in its Los Angeles NBC premiere...

[Continue Reading...]

io9 Recommends Take Back the Sky

Very pleased that TAKE BACK THE SKY is on io9's list of recommended books for December! It'll be available Dec. 20.
[More at io9]

Mars Needs Women

A fine story about the contribution of women in India to their Mars program. I’ll add a fond memory of getting up at four in the morning to watch John Glenn and other Mercury astronauts launch from the Cape... The family of space is dedicated, diverse, and determined!

[Read 'The women scientists who took India into space' - BBC News]

Obituary for a Party

Many years ago, it became clear to me that we were witnessing one of those historic moments when a major U.S. political party was dying.

With the recent elections, it seems likely to many that the party that’s dying must be the Democratic party.

But the party that has already died, and is now in the process of zombie-like decay, is not the Democratic party, for all its problems--but the victorious Republican party.

[Continue Reading]

TAKE BACK THE SKY - Amazon's Best Books

TAKE BACK THE SKY has been selected as one of's "Best Books of the Month: Science Fiction & Fantasy" for December!

[See the full list]

Galaxy Award

The Galaxy Award from Science Fiction World for "Most Popular Foreign SF Author" has arrived and is shown here with its proud recipient!

(click image for larger view)

[See this year's complete list of winners]

The Encephalophone

Excellent article about Dr. Thomas Deuel and his work in mind control of musical instruments and possible reassignment of musical ability in brains suffering from amusia, the musical equivalent of aphasia.
[Read Now...]

Star Trek's 50th

Celebrating STAR TREK's 50th! Here's an original Film Effects of Hollywood setup shot of the recently restored 11-ft model of the ENTERPRISE. (Botany Bay model is snuggled up alongside. Name of technician in red sweater is unknown!) Frame clip provided by Desilu and Bjo Trimble in the late 1960s. (Click photo for larger view.)

Harry and beer!

Photos and memories of Harry Harrison in the Borrego Desert in 1987. [Click here]

The Galaxy Award - China

I am highly honored to be awarded the 27th Galaxy Award (China) for Most Popular Foreign SF Author. Sponsored by Science Fiction World, perhaps the largest SF publisher in the world, the Galaxy Award is the highest award for science fiction in China.

Greg Bear Now on Twitter

Go to @realGregBear for some pix of real local celebrities from right in our own backyard.

(If you were following the @Greg_Bear Twitter feed, that has been taken down. We've boarded it, sunk it, and raised our own flag over @realGregBear.)

New York Times Review

N.K. Jemisin's latest New York Times SF review column includes JUST OVER THE HORIZON, Volume 1 of my collected short works. "Bear’s deftness of phrase and metaphor is simply lovely…A solid introduction to the oeuvre of a classic writer."

[Read Full Article]


Congress’s refusal to fully fund the Zika crisis is an astonishing failure of both vision and leadership, and one that could alter politics in America for decades to come. A lot of red states are southern states. And Zika seems poised to become a major issue in the southern states this summer—even before the election. Worse, funding for Zika has drawn resources away from yellow fever immunizations and containment, and yellow fever is also a red state problem.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan seems to be primping for another presidential run, but his refusal to address this issue head on is very much in line with the homeowner who refuses to waste water on a house fire.

Astonishing. Sobering. Crazy almost beyond comprehension. And with real repercussions both medically and politically.

Greg Bear

Article: U.S. officials: The more we learn about Zika, scarier it is

Article: Congo records 21 yellow fever deaths

Interview on Bombad Radio

Bombad Radio has posted an audio interview with Greg Bear!
[Listen Now]

Gravity Waves

Massive kudos to the LIGO, Caltech, and MIT researchers who have now directly detected gravity waves! A long-hoped-for proof of one of the most established and reliable theories in modern science--Einstein's General Relativity. The teams listened closely as two massive black holes merged, sending out tremendous gravitational waves--and now, a billion years later (thank goodness!) these waves will help us understand the universe a lot better.
[Read More]

Upcoming Appearances

Greg Bear has a busy travel schedule this year, including participating on panels at several comic and science fiction conventions and teaching a workshop at Clarion West (be sure to reserve your spot soon!)

We have created a new Upcoming Appearances section on the web site to keep track of it all.

Deals Abound!

FORGE OF GOD and MOVING MARS are both available for $1.99 each during the month of February as part of a Mars-themed promotion from Open Road Media. Lots of other fine titles, on the list, too!
[Order Now]

Star Trek Geek Out!

As part of Seattle Public Library's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV show, the downtown branch is having a weekend of special events. Astrid and I will be on a panel on Saturday at 3pm. Boldly go downtown and join the fun!
[SPL Calendar of Events]

Ninth Planet

Intrigued by the news of a probable giant planet in our solar system on beyond Pluto? Here’s a bit from my novel KILLING TITAN talking about just that. And I’m taking the idea further in the TAKE BACK THE SKY, the third book in the series.

Watch yourself, Venn.

This time, I can almost see Coyle. She’s standing in a long hallway between rows of black columns. She’s found a relevant cache of records and is trying to communicate what she’s found to me. We’re here. This place is incredibly deep and strong. I’ve been checking out newer history. And you’re in. The library accepts you as a legitimate user.

“What history?” I ask softly.

Coyle says, Our shelly friends broke through their crust, then retreated, but centuries later, they did more than that. Much more. They sent spaceships. Some of the ships reached Titan and other moons. Others went much farther—all the way to the Kuiper belt, even the Oort cloud. Huge places out there. Sun-planets!

Escape Velocity

Interested in jetpacks, cosplay, NASA, or virtual reality? The Museum of Science Fiction is presenting Escape Velocity, a micro futuristic world’s fair to promote STEAM education within the context of science fiction using the fun of comic cons and fascination of science and engineering festivals.

[Facebook Event Page]
[Official Site]

RIP George Clayton Johnson

I can't quite remember the first time I met George Clayton Johnson. Might have been back in the early planning days of San Diego Comic-Con, or some other convention in the late sixties. But one complication of trying to remember is that George looked remarkably the same for decades - kind of like a thin, long-haired wise man, or Doctor Lao, always smiling, always full of energy—eternally young in both thought and deed. But those of us who knew him in those days were also well aware that George was a powerhouse. He had written topnotch Twilight Zones and the first STAR TREK episode to be aired. He was behind OCEAN'S ELEVEN and collaborated with William F. Nolan on LOGAN'S RUN.

But to us youngsters, as we hung out with him and shared lunches and dinners and parties, George was a fellow youngster -- and a constant reminder of what it means to be creative.

He was part of that pack that rotated around both Ray Bradbury and Rod Serling-Charles Beaumont, the first to pass, who crammed an amazing amount of life and work into his short life -- Richard Matheson, without a doubt one of the most capable and influential screenwriters, novelists and short story writers of our time -- William F. Nolan, whose fine short stories and screenplays number in the dozens, and who has also chronicled both science fiction and mystery writers, including Dashiell Hammett --

And George, who gave us so many memorable moments both on TV and in real life. To us, it seemed he would live forever, and as he declined in his last days, there was a faint hope he might prove us right! But instead he was merely delaying until Christmas morning.

Fans have pointed out that George's Twilight Zone story "Nothing in the Dark," about an angel who appears to an elderly woman who refuses to die, might echo this situation. I do not know whether a  young Robert Redford, or someone like him, came to George at the last and said, so very gently, that it was time - but nothing would surprise me.

And I'm sure George kept him laughing all the way through the door. Busiest night for angels of the entire year, right?

George was special.

Thanks to his son Paul for keeping us informed, and for being George's wing man for so many years.

Just Over the Horizon

Coming in April: Just Over the Horizon (The Complete Short Fiction of Greg Bear), Volume 1

[Review and Pre-Order Links from Publishers Weekly]

Q&A with Greg Bear

Greg Bear was interviewed for The Steve Strout site! [Read It Now]

Blue Origin


A huge accomplishment for Blue Origin and for the human race, making history and brushing space with persistence and genius.

Pride isn’t in it.

This is pure wonder.

[Blue Origin's 'New Shepard' achieves first spaceflight and rocket landing]

Invincible Bacteria

‘Invincible’ bacteria threatens global epidemic: study

Sinclair Lewis beat us all to part of this story with Arrowsmith, and they even made a movie out of it—in the 1930s!

Some phages are destructive to bacteria—viruses for bugs. Others can serve as gene transfer mechanisms for bacteria. They can carry resistance genes from population to population—and toxicity genes as well. So know your phages! Shigella toxin is mediated by phages, if I recall. And phages can turn harmless cholera into disease.

In Tbilisi, people working in phage research would sample wild populations at civic sewage outlets. That was in the 1920s. Phages were invisible in microscopes, but were tagged with the name “filterable viruses” because fine ceramic filters could stop transmission from one bacterial population to another. Phage medicine was most highly developed at the time in the Republic of Georgia. It could have gone big in the U.S., as per Lewis, except that sulfa and even more powerful antibiotics came along.

In VITALS, I try to make everyone a little suspicious about people spraying down lettuce in supermarkets... with phages carrying psychotropic chemical genes that can insert into our gut bacteria. Might explain Trump and Cruz and their followers.

In humans, viruses that serve a wide range of functions can also transfer genes, with positive and negative results. They’re called retroviruses. HIV is one. Old retroviruses, millions of years old in our genes, are activated in pregnant women in large numbers and appear to play a role in stopping the mother’s immune system from attacking the fetus.

Viruses and phages are FedEx for genes. Part of the ancient biological internet, and very important in evolution.

Shall we call them apps? Might go viral.


Future Visions

My new short story "The Machine Starts" is in the free e-book anthology, FUTURE VISIONS. Nancy Kress, Anne Leckie, David Brin, Elizabeth Bear, Seanan McGuire, Jack McDevitt and Robert J. Sawyer have stories in it, and there is a also a short graphic novel by Blue Delliquanti and Michele Rosenthal. We were all inspired by visits to Microsoft Research facilities. [Read More]

The Martians, aka Budget Cut

Back in the seventies and eighties, in and around San Diego and Los Angeles, a lot of youngsters and some not-so-young professionals were working on their own productions—Phil Tippett and William R. Stromberg, Dennis Muren, Tom Scherman, Paul Sammon, Mike Stuart and a dedicated team of enthusiastic fans, including Pete Wine and Larry Ortiz—and me! I was privileged to meet with all of these folks and many more at conventions and/or around the LA area, and visit a number of studios and special effects facilities—including the famous Cascade Studios, where so many fine animators, including Dave Allen and Jim Danforth, worked between their TV and movie gigs.
[Continue Reading & See Video]

Future Visions

Future VisionsEarlier this year I and several other SF writers had the opportunity to visit Microsoft Research's Tech Fest to see the latest projects they were working on and talk with the researchers. The goal was to inspire us to produce a collection of short stories, which it certainly did! The collection is called Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Stories Inspired by Microsoft, and it's coming out on all major eBook platforms for free on November 17th. This image, by Joey Camacho, is for my story, "The Machine Starts". The collection features eight award-winning, acclaimed writers of science fiction, and also includes a short graphic novel and an original illustration for each story.

To learn more, go to:
...and follow the hashtag #FutureVisionsBook

And look for online news from Robert J. Sawyer in the next few days about his contribution to the anthology!

KILLING TITAN: Released Today!

Killing Titan is now on the shelves. Get your copy today!
[More Info]

KILLING TITAN: B&N Bookseller Picks

Barnes & Noble has selected Killing Titan as a Bookseller's Pick for October!
[Go to Article]

It also tops Barnes & Noble's selection of new military sci-fi novels:
[Go to Article]


Greg Bear will be appearing at the following locations signing copies of Killing Titan, the sequel to War Dogs. Ann Leckie will also be signing copies of her new book, Ancillary Mercy.

Tuesday, October 6
7 PM: University Bookstore, Seattle, WA

Wednesday, October 7
7 PM: Tattered Cover, Denver, CO

Thursday, October 8
7 PM: Powell’s, Beaverton, OR

Friday, October 9
7:30 PM: Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA

Saturday, October 10 3 PM: Borderlands, San Francisco, CA

New Web Site

As you can see, we have revamped the entire web site! Please feel free to explore it, we welcome your feedback. The new design is a responsive design, meaning that it will adjust itself to the size of your computer monitor, tablet, or phone for easier reading. We have added an email list that you can sign up for to receive occasional messages from Greg Bear regarding upcoming events and new releases, and we have moved to a new Discussion Board platform that has more capabilities. If you encounter any errors, please send an email to with a complete description of the problem. Thank you!

War Dogs

Nice appreciation of War Dogs here. [Read Now]

Pre-Order Signed Copies of Killing Titan

If you pre-order your copy of Killing Titan through now, you can get it personalized to you and signed by Greg Bear! [Order Now]

Hugo Award-Winning E-Books

Build your e-book collection of Hugo Award-winning and nominated titles from Open Road Media, including Greg Bear's Blood Music, Queen of Angels, Forge of God, Moving Mars, and Hardfought. [Learn More]


Greg Bear will be participating in Sasquan, August 19-23, 2015 at the Spokane Convention Center (WA)! [View Schedule]

Congratulations to the New Horizons team for the fantastic unveiling of Pluto!

[New Horizons Link]
As we explore the cold, dusty reaches that stretch far beyond Neptune, there are likely to be many surprises--and Pluto has already proven to be a fascinating object. I still like to think of it as a planet, but that may be because of the legend of Clyde Tombaugh, some of whose ashes are now out there on the spacecraft. We met Mr. Tombaugh at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory during the Voyager missions in 1980, (photo of Mr. Tombaugh in Von Karman auditorium, credit Astrid Anderson) and the story of his close scrutiny of star plates at the Lowell observatory, of Percival Lowells suggestion that there might be another world out there, and Tombaugh;s subsequent discovery of a wandering star--the last planet!--sticks with me as one of the great science stories of our time. He was twenty-three at the time. So heres a look back, and a look ahead--to the Kuiper belt, the Oort cloud, dwarf planets, distant comets, and all the wonders of interstellar space!

(Discovery of Pluto set H.P. Lovecrafts imagination soaring, and he identified his fictional planet Yuggoth (in The Whisperer in Darkness) with this new outer world There, the Mi Go mine a mysterious mineral called Tokl, and avoid a hideous entity that sometimes rises out of a pit... none of which has yet been confirmed by New Horizons! Stanton A. Coblentz was the first writer to publish a story incorporating Pluto, and he was soon followed by Stanley G. Weinbaum, Edward E. Doc Smith, Robert A. Heinlein, Larry Niven, and Kim Stanley Robinson--among many others.) [Pluto In Fiction]

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