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By Greg Bear
Original publication date: 2005
Series: Quantico (Book 1)



A Fictional History of Violence to Come

In QUANTICO (first edition 2005) I postulated that Iraq would fall apart into sectarian violence soon after the U.S. withdrawal. [Go to Article]

Paperback Edition

The mass market paperback edition of QUANTICO from Vanguard contains new material and an additional chapter deleted from the original text.


Official QUANTICO Site

Text from the Cover Flap

"It's the near future—sooner than you might hope. Three young FBI agents are graduating from the Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Terrifying challenges face them.

Nuclear and biological weapons are in the hands of Islamic radicals, and the West is emerging from years of grossly incompetent rule.

The world has driven itself to crazy extremes. The Dome of the Rock has been blown to pieces by terrorists, and in retaliation, thousands have died in another major attack on the United States, the equal of 9-11. Rumors fly through international capitals of a plague targeted to ethnic groups—Jews or Muslims or both. No one feels safe.

As with the American Anthrax terror following 9-11, a potential new domestic assault falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI. But the FBI itself is under threat of political extinction. There is a good chance the new agents—William Griffin, Fouad Al-Husam, and Jane Rowland--will be part of the last class at "the Q." As internal and international investigations reveal horror upon horror, they join forces with veteran bioterror investigator Rebecca Rose to prevent a joint attack on the world's greatest religious cities—Jerusalem, Rome, and the Hajj in Mecca—using an unexpected final weapon.

In the second decade of the War on Terror, one man on a bitter mission has recruited a Hydra of Hate that threatens to wipe history's slate and close the curtain on the last act of the modern world."

Vanguard Press: Cover Flap Text

From multiple award winning and New York Times–bestselling author Greg Bear comes a near-future thriller that pits young FBI agents against a brilliant homegrown terrorist. It’s the second decade of the Twenty-First Century, and terrorism has escalated almost beyond control. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem has been blown to bits by extremists, and, in retaliation, thousands have died in another major attack on the United States. New weapons are being spawned in remote basement labs, and no one feels safe.

In North america, the FBI uses cutting edge technology to thwart domestic terrorists. Sat-linked engine blockers stop drug-traffickers cold. Devices the size of Magic Markers test for biohazards on the spot. 3-D projectors reconstruct crime scenes from hours-old evidence, and sophisticated bomb suits protect against all but the most savage forces. Despite all this, the War on Terror has reached a deadly stalemate.

Now the FBI has been dispatched to deal with a new menace. A plague targeted to ethnic groups— Jews or Muslims or both—has the potential to wipe out entire populations. But the FBI itself is under political assault. There’s a good chance agents William Griffin, Fouad Al-Husam, and Jane Rowland will be part of the last class at Quantico. As the young agents hunt a brilliant homegrown terrorist, they join forces with veteran bio-terror expert rebecca rose. But the plot they uncover—and the man they chase—prove to be far more complex than anyone expects.

Book Club Distribution

QUANTICO--a near-future thriller that pits young FBI agents against a brilliant home-grown terrorist—was picked up for U.S. sale in a three-way deal with Bookspan's Doubleday Entertainment division. Bookspan will issue QUANTICO as an original book club publication in the Book of the Month Club, Quality Paperback Book Club, Mystery Guild, American Compass (a conservative book club),Science Fiction Book Club, and Military Book Club; Easton Press will issue a signed, limited edition; and E-Reads handled trade paperback publication and electronic rights. The deal was negotiated by Richard Curtis.

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