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Deceptive Hummer

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As Astrid will confirm, I've been spending many summer mornings photographing dragonflies in our garden and around the lake--and on occasion I catch some sweet little hummingbirds going about their flowery business. Recently, a particularly deceptive hummer fooled me for a time into thinking I had witnessed something phenomenal--a hummingbird 180 degree head turn! I looked and looked at the pictures for one day--and then spread this tale at a couple of weekend parties. (Never let me go to two parties in two days...)

Upon examining the evidence this morning, however, I realized the picture does not in fact show a hummingbird 180 head turn. It's just a weird picture. Forthwith, two pics of the same bird, one pic showing throat rubied in the morning sunlight, the other showing the same bird swanning around to get into a flower. Flexible neck indeed. Mea culpa! But look at that pic... Could it be? Maybe?




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