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Posted by matt davis on 04/07/2017

Hi I'm a big fan of your work on the Halo Forerunner trilogy. I think it brought a lot of the wonder of classic sci-fi into the Halo world. I was fascinated with the anthropology of the ancient humans in the stories and loved the unique interactions that were depicted or hinted at between the various human species and other hominids. I'm curious, is there an archaeological analogue for the b'ashamanune as there were for the other species present in the story (homo sapiens sapiens = hamanune, Homo floresiensis = chamanune, etc.)?

Re: b'ashamanune

Posted by Greg Bear on 04/08/2017

Hmm! Good question. I only use the name once, and seem to be referring to Lucy-type hominids, maybe Australopithecus, but at this late stage, I'm not sure! What do you think?

Re: b'ashamanune

Posted by Matt Davis on 04/09/2017

Interesting! I was picturing a species with more modern and less ape-like features than Australopithecus. You mention they roamed equatorial grasslands but that doesn't narrow it down and I don't think many early human species were iften described as skinny or lithe before Naledi Man which wasn't discovered until after Primordium was published. I was trying to think of a species that's contemporaneous with Florians, Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans but based on your description perhaps some variation of Homo Erectus is best. At any rate, I really loved these books so hopefully 343/Microsoft will expand this era of their mythology more with you at the helm. If that even interests you that is.

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