Take Back the Sky

Take Back the Sky

War Dogs, Book 3

Marooned beneath the icy, waxy crust of Saturn's moon, Titan, Skyrine Michael Venn and his comrades face double danger from Earth and from the Antagonists. Haunted by their dead, the former combatants must now team up with their enemies, forget their indoctrination and their training, and journey far beyond Pluto to the fabled Planet X...



Soyuz Followup

"What it's like to fall 31 miles to Earth after your rocket fails" - NASA astronaut Nick Hague recounts his experience during last week’s harrowing Soyuz flight. Article by Loren Grush for The Verge

Paul Allen

We're very sorry to hear of the passing of Paul Allen. It was our pleasure to work with him on the Science Fiction Museum phase of MoPop, and to enjoy his other contributions to culture and technology in the Pacific Northwest—including his financing of visionary space ventures, medical research, and so much more. His art collection was phenomenal, the Flying Heritage Museum was one of our favorites, and he was beyond doubt a multi-faceted., multi-dimensional man.

Ray Harryhausen and Paul Allen
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Ray Harryhausen and Paul Allen having a good time at EMP/MoPOP in 2006. Ray H. brought along his famous skeleton puppet from Jason and the Argonauts. Photo credit: Greg Bear

Soyuz Booster

We're all very glad to hear of the safe return of astronaut/cosmonaut Nick Hague and Alexei Ovchinin after the abort of their Soyuz booster early this morning. The video footage looked quite alarming, even without an immediately up-to-date commentary—crew jerking and shaking suddenly, and very concerning scraps falling away from the ascending vehicle. Their landing was much rougher than anticipated, but both seem to have no injuries. This could have major implications of course for the space station and the crew already there. We sincerely hope this gets resolved soon.

I may have missed a story on the major U.S networks, but there seems nearly nothing.

Good coverage at CBC, where they also interviewed Chris Hadfield. [Read CBC Coverage]

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About Greg Bear

Portrait of Greg Bear by Astrid Anderson Bear, 2006

Greg Bear is the author of KILLING TITAN (Orbit 2015 - sequel to WAR DOGS), HULL ZERO THREE (Orbit 2010), CITY AT THE END OF TIME (Del Rey 2009), MARIPOSA (Perseus paperback November 2010), HALO: CRYPTUM, HALO: PRIMORDIUM, and HALO: SILENTIUM (Tor, 2011, 2012, and 2013). He's the father of two young writers, Erik and Alexandra, and is married to Astrid Anderson Bear, who has written for SAN DIEGO NOIR.

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