Washington, DC

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Artwork by Phil Smith, Museum Curator

For the past six months, I’ve been working with a team to bring the Museum of Science Fiction to Washington, DC:

Over three dozen professionals are volunteering on the project: architects, accountants, artists, lawyers, curators, project managers, IT professionals, marketing and visitor experience people, video production and public relations people – just to name a few. Everyone is totally energized about our mission: To create a center of gravity where art and science are powered by imagination.

Until now, we’ve been flying under the radar. We’ve now publically announced our first campaign, and it will be very visible with a lot of national media coverage.

Our fundraising website went live on Monday:

We are each asking our friends and family to help us build early momentum with nominal donations. It’s crucial to the campaign’s success that we have these early, pre-announcement donations to show support. Kinda like how street musicians put a dollar in their guitar case to start the ball rolling.

The purpose of this campaign is to raise money and raise awareness. We hope that with enough fan support, it will demonstrate to large individual and corporate donors and folks in Hollywood that this project is worth their consideration.

I would greatly appreciate any support before our official launch tomorrow morning. There are some very cool perks: movies, t-shirt, books signed by authors, and other interesting things.

If possible, please pass this on to ten friends and ask if they could pass it on to ten more friends to be a part of our first wave.

Thanks for your help!

November 5, 2013

Update for November 11, 2013:

In just one week, we’ve accomplished some major achievements worth sharing:

  1. Hour of the Wolf radio talk show host, Jim Freund commits to partnering with MSF to digitize hundreds of radio interviews with SF literary greats for our website.
  2. Over 600 Facebook Likes.
  3. Over 100 Volunteers stepping forward to assist in a variety of professional areas – including 15 museum professionals.
  4. Over $20,000 from about 200 donors ($100 average donation).
  5. First collector steps forward to lend magnificent Battlestar Galactica filming props.
  6. San Francisco-based design firm Louis Paul Miller volunteering to lead the MSF rebranding efforts.
  7. LA-based Applied Esoterics steps forward to volunteer and design content for the wrap-around floor-to-ceiling LED screen.

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