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Posted by Liam on 09/06/2020

Hello Mr Bear, I'm currently waiting for my PhD to commence and I've used the free time to catch up on a few of your works, notably Queen of Angels and Slant. My PhD is actually looking into ways to design and create analogue nanodevices to accelerate and realise novel ways of creating neural behaviour in computers. Not quite as complex as Queen of Angel's and Slant's Jill, but maybe the foundation of such machines, with any luck! I'm a great fan of some of the ideas you've explored with regards to the way biology achieves computation and "thought" (in the less human-centric sense). I also particularly loved the thinking points raised by Blood Music and the cellular phylogenetic memory. Also, as a general aside, I have told a few friends that I'm convinced you have a supernatural prescience after reading so many of your books from 10-20 years ago and seeing your little technological marvels, as well as wide societal shifts, actually happen. You have a talent for predicting the future! All the best, I hope you're well!

Re: Thinkers

Posted by Greg Bear on 09/11/2020

Many thanks, Liam! Best of luck actually making these theories real!

Re: Thinkers

Posted by Mark Kozel on 09/24/2020

Once of my Computer Science students presented on Synthetic Biology and Biocomputing. It was fascinating and reminded me of Thinkers. I tried to recount how Thinkers were made and used, but did not do it justice Interesting to learn that Microsoft is wrong on using DNA as long-term data storage. Hopefully the project is code names Darwin's Slant

Re: Thinkers

Posted by Greg Bear on 09/25/2020

Hmmm! Wonder when the bacterial supercomputer will come to be?

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