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budget Cut

Posted by John Young on 07/30/2020

Hello Greg, I wanted to let you know I had this video from 1984 made by by our mutual friend Larry Ortiz converted and hosted on YT. Can you confirm that you are the NASA official here? https://youtu.be/eUc_gGAZ3Aw LArry and I were good friends, we made music and videos together also. Sadly he passed 2 years ago. I read here that you were at the Fleet in the very early years. I worked there in the production department from 83 to 2017. I maintained and built planetarium special effects and programmed the media computer. I helped upgrade through several phases. More here. https://spacetheater.wordpress.com/ Best, John Young

Re: budget Cut

Posted by Greg Bear on 08/28/2020

Indeed, that is me! Cool you knew Larry and the gang back then. Sorry to hear about Larry's passing. I'm still in touch with Mike Stuart and Paul Sammon. I'm trying to remember all those folks now for my autobiography!

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