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Posted by Jon Harbour on 07/12/2020

Dear Mr. Bear, Please write Eon #4, with a return to The Way and Thistledown. I've re-read Eon a few times but never gone back to Eternity or Legacy because they weren't interesting to me. Many thanks for hours of distraction. My favorites of your works are: Eon, Hegira, Forge of God, Darwin's Radio, and most importantly, Blood Music, which I've read a half dozen times. There's something about that novel that I find so enjoyable that I return to it every few years. With Eon, I always wished you would write a sequel where someone uses the Way to find "our" world, not destroyed in nuclear war. That was the goal [Patricia?] had, as I recall, when she got stuck in the medieval world. (memory might be failing me, it's been a while).

Re: EON 4

Posted by Greg Bear on 07/13/2020

Thanks, Jon! You might also take a look at earlier (chronologically) stories like "The Wind From a Burning Woman" and "The Way of All Ghosts," but neither quite fulfill your wish to take us to a safe Earth!

Re: EON 4

Posted by The Excession on 07/28/2020

The Way of All Ghosts. WORD. @Jon Harbour: Patricia landed in an alternate 20th century Middle East. "Wrong-o!"

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