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Foundation coming to the big screen

Posted by Rich on 06/23/2020

Hey Greg, have you heard about this? Finally! After only 69 years! Interesting that it's Apple doing this... now if we could just get them to take a look at Forge/Anvil...let's see, Forge came out in 1987, so they should get to it oh say by 2056 or so. Not sure if I'll be able to last that long.... :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgbPSA94Rqg

Re: Foundation coming to the big screen

Posted by Greg Bear on 06/26/2020

Thanks, Rich! Look forward to this effort. We're working hard on a number of projects, including FORGE/ANVIL...

Re: Foundation coming to the big screen

Posted by Sean M. Brooks on 06/29/2020

Dear Mr. Bear and Rich, Truth to say, I'm not sure I would like any filmed versions of Asimov's original FOUNDATION books. I eventually came to feel very dissatisfied with his major works, for many reasons. I think I would like a WELL done movie version of FORGE OF GOD. And, I would emphatically enjoy honest and accurate filmed versions of some of Poul Anderson's Nicholas van Rijn and Dominic Flandry stories. I'm so tired of endless reiterations of stale and hackneyed themes taken from STAR TREK and STAR WARS.

Re: Foundation coming to the big screen

Posted by The Excession on 07/28/2020

FOUNDATION turned me from Fantasy toward Science Fiction (SF). Brin and Bear in the late 80s took me far beyond. This feature looks like Game of Thrones on the spin-out.

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