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Working for the govt and corona

Posted by Chase Stoudt on 05/21/2020

You hooked me by Eon when I was 12, I watched your Ted talk (I'm from Woodinville and never got to see any of these talks in person because I didn't know about them and I was too young) and then I ended up buying Legacy, Eternity, Hull Zero Three, The Forge of God, Anvil of Stars, Moving Mars and now Queen of Angels. I am your worst nightmare, I work for the Feds in Alaska involved involved in offshore oil leasing and drilling (the same people responsible for deepwater horizon and Shell drilling in the Chukchi) and I just want to say you've been a huge source of inspiration. My job involves technical writing to comply with environmental laws and with this administration it's been a doozy (not to mention covid). The trump admin is fucking insane (you can google the history of minerals management service and the bureau of ocean energy management). You wouldn't believe the the lengths of environmental engineering we go to for crude and natural gas, it's fucking insane. Peter Watts is another one of my favorite authors because with Starfish he actually came close to some of the shit I've worked on the Juan De Fuca ridge. Anyway, I'm used to working in "inner space" not the vacuum of anything beyond the atmosphere but your books have always sparked my imagination. Thank you for inspiring a young scientist and I hope someday to get your autograph. -chase

Re: Working for the govt and corona

Posted by Greg Bear on 05/22/2020

Good to hear from you! A group of us had a lovely time in Alaska taking a Norwegian ship from Juneau south to Vancouver. Before that, I returned to Kodiak for the first time in almoat sixty years. We all love Alaska. Astrid and I are also acquainted with a number of oceanographers at UW who explored the deep-sea smokers off shore of Washington and along the Juan de Fuca ridge. Fascinating stuff, which I tucked into VITALS a decade or so back. Anyone who can keep it together in a confined deep sea vehicle is a hero to me!

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