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Making a Film inspired by Heads

Posted by Jonny Wheeler on 05/16/2020

Hello, First, I want to say that I’m a big fan of your books. I’ve read every one (at least once) and they occupy shelf space among the likes Asimov, Clarke, and Herbert in my library. I am an MFA student working on a cinema project as a part of my thesis and I have been inspired to write a short film after reading your novel: Heads. I’ve always loved the idea of watching memories like movies and my tale centers on that particular technology that is able to access the minds of frozen corpses. As an artist, I’m telling a different story but I’d like to set my short film in the same world as Heads. I’d also like to recognize your novel as the inspiration in the credits. I was hoping you might give your blessing to my student film? Thanks for your time and consideration- Jonny

Re: Making a Film inspired by Heads

Posted by Greg Bear on 05/18/2020

Hello, Jonny! While I'd be happy to grant some leeway to make your film, alas, the legal tangles of film rights make it difficult. A lawyer would have to vet our agreements! So let me know how you'd like to proceed--we know attorneys who could do this, but they do not work for free.

Re: Making a Film inspired by Heads

Posted by Jonny on 05/20/2020

Hello Mr.Bear, Thanks for the response! I fully understand and I really appreciate your consideration of my humble request. As an art student, the cost of hiring lawyers is prohibitive but I would be willing to try raise the money (through grants or crowd funding). Or wait until I’m graduated and more financially solvent to make this film. Would it be possible to get a ballpark dollar amount to vet an agreement? Again, thanks for considering.

Re: Making a Film inspired by Heads

Posted by Greg Bear on 05/22/2020

I think we only need one lawyer, and likely it's about an hour or so of his/her time. A show business attorney with expertise is best, and the contract protects both of us down the road. I fully understand the budget constraints! Such an attorney would like cost about three to four hundred dollars. If you have an attorney you like, let me know, or we can recommend one here.

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