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a belated greeting

Posted by Karl Kotas on 05/02/2020

Dear Greg,, About what seems like a million years ago but was more like forty, I won a host for a day contest on the Jim Altoff Show on KING AM -- with a handwritten letter no less. And then they tried to ram a guest list of their own down my throat but I fought back with a list of my own. And you were one of my choices. S'funny, all I knew of you at the time were Hardfought, Scattershot and the Wind from a Burning Woman and the common universe in which they were embedded. Which I quite liked. And on the show, I compared you to Olaf Stapledon because that's one writer you brought to my mind. To which you said 'Wow, you really know your onions!' Little did I know at the time that he was a real influence. Well, before coronavirus, I was working at the Burke Museum, keeping the kids off the dinosaurs. And, as it turns out, I finally read Dinosaur Summer last night. That must have been fun to write. Two thoughts came to mind. One was it was redolent of a Heinlein juvenile. But way better. I remember emailing Jack Vance's agent way back when before the Integral Edition and before his son created the Jack Vance.com and said agent told me once that he wrote Emphyrio for his son. And that came to mind last night -- that Dinosaur Summer was to your children in part. Well, it must have been fun to write. Although I just assumed the Death Eagles were Phorusrhacos. Little did I know... By the way, there is a great channel on YouTube called Your Dinosaurs are Wrong wherein the host updates what is known by using plastic toy dinosaurs. Well, I blather and must get up and clean up my place. I just wanted to let you know what fun it was to meet you. And I can see I have to catch up on you. Man, you have written so-o-o many books. Well, be well and continue writing. Cheers, Karl Kotas

Re: a belated greeting

Posted by Greg Bear on 05/04/2020

Hello, Karl! I did indeed have great fun researching and writing DINOSAUR SUMMER. When Ray Harryhausen came to Seattle for his investiture in the Science Fiction Museum (now MoPOP) he asked who would play him in the movie version, and suggested Brad Pitt. I miss all these guys now! As no doubt they missed Cooper and Schoedsack and O'Brien.

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