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Blood Music and our current pandemic

Posted by Priyana on 04/22/2020

Hi! I'm Priyana, a student at New York University. I am leading a discussion on your novel 'Blood Music' in my class and I thought perhaps you might be able to answer a few questions of mine. Reading this novel right now felt like it was such a timely piece for me– I know I reflected differently on it now than I would have at any other time. Has the current pandemic caused you to reflect differently on your writing at all? I would love to hear a bit about your thought process in regards to the structure of the book. To me, I felt like it the focus on Vergil for the first 1/3 and the gradual new introduction of many new character throughout the last 2/3s provided a very interesting foil for the growth and collaboration of the hive-minded noocytes. How did you come up with this specific structure, and how did you decide where sections should begin and start? Thank you and I hope you are well!

Re: Blood Music and our current pandemic

Posted by Greg Bear on 04/24/2020

Hello, Priyanna! BLOOD MUSIC was pretty much spontaneous, though the novel does expand on the short story... The distribution of characters seemed to work best to introduce and then to expand the story. As to my thoughts on writing such quasi-apocalyptic stories today, I don't really know! I'm much older than I was when I wrote BLOOD MUSIC, and am now separated from friends and family in a way I never expected. The projected/prophesied politics of later novels, from QUEEN OF ANGELS to DARWIN'S CHILDREN, and even QUANTICO, has been made even more dire by our present political situation, which I hope does get evened out soon. Hope all is well with you and yours!

Re: Blood Music and our current pandemic

Posted by Excession on 04/28/2020

I love reading curious, insightful, and well-written posts as this. I think I would enjoy sitting in on that class discussion. As to matters: such necessities portray things in good hand. See the shining horizon.....

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