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An up and coming writer

Posted by Kendrick Elder on 04/05/2020

Good morning Mr. Bear. My name is Kendrick Elder and I'm an up and coming writer. I study Journalism/Writting in college and wanted to get into writing a novellete of my own as I am a fan of sci-fi themed content. Admittedly, I first heard about you when I was reading the Foreruuner Saga books of the Halo Franchise, a game series I was into for yaers now. I am currently working on sci-fi themed story that I hope I can one day adapt into comics and maybe video games (as I studied a little game design in college and hope to get back into it after I finish my journalism bacehlor's). Was wondering if you have any tips of any kind for an up and coming writer like me.

Re: An up and coming writer

Posted by Greg Bear on 04/20/2020

Hello, Kendrick! Good to hear from you. Best tips I can think of are from some of my own favorite writers, including Ray Bradbury, who advised us to believe in ourselves and most importantly, to write, and write some more! And socialize (when that becomes possible again) with other writers and editors at conventions and conferences. Good luck and let me know how it's going!

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