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A message to a revered author.

Posted by Dan Standridge on 02/02/2020

Middle school in upstate NY (circa 1988), for me, involved much recreational reading about the Vietnam War and some other (apparently forgettable) things. I was blown away by what I discovered, when I checked out, for the first time, Eon from our Library/Bookmobile (though never mobile when I visited it, having been put up on blocks years before my family and I moved to town). I then followed it up with The Forge of God, Anvil of Stars, Eternity, and many more. I've not read all that you've had published. I snatch them up, preferring the serendipity of purchasing them in all sorts of places, when the opportunities arise. It's your brand (?) of science fiction that I've come to realize makes the genre seemingly complete, even as I can can acknowledge that the genre is founded on an ever-expanding, ever-expounding world of scientific discovery. I've read plenty of other authors, but, after having recently finished W3: Women in Deep Time, and the accompanying transcription of your speech at a convention, it dawned on me that, in all my years of reading many works of literature, I'd never taken time to do what I'm doing now--to tell you that your approach to science, fiction, and all that they share, truly broadened my mind as a 14-year-old young man whose grades were lackluster, but who later came to appreciate much of the subject matter that public schools try to disseminate. Part of this wordy missive is a Thank You for your work, an attempt at expressing my heart-felt appreciation for the speculations you've opened up to the world. My 16-year-old son is now digging into my growing collection of your work (among other authors), and, while my own sci-fi writing is only in its early stages, I wholeheartedly intend to further facilitate and foster his interest in so many of these relevant subjects. Thank you, Mr. Bear, for your vision.

Re: A message to a revered author.

Posted by Greg Bear on 03/03/2020

And thanks for your support, Dan!

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