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question related to your influence today

Posted by Alex N on 01/02/2020

Just got into your books, asked my dad for a sci fi recommendation and he went with Queen of Angels. You are a fantastic author, for a variety of reasons, they have been a great boon in my life. I won't type out the whole question in case this link is a dead end but if you respond I'd be happy to follow up with the details, but basically after only reading 5 of your novels I see massive massive influences all over huge budget motion pictures and other sci fi, to the point where its so blatant sometimes it feels uncredited! So if you respond I'd love to discuss just for fun, see if you agree or maybe I'm just drawing connections that aren't there, but if not no worries. Without explanation so far I've found - <Queen of Angels therapy machines and the "territory" - plot of inception><Moving mars earth vs mars and your throwaway line about "belters" - entire structure and basis of The Expanse><Lamarkia - Area X (the motif song of the climax of the movie literally being by a brilliant band called Moderat called "The Mark" lol)>. Wondering your thoughts. Hope you are well. Also have you ever seen Primer or Upstream Color? Ok thats it haha. Best wishes in 2020.

Re: question related to your influence today

Posted by Greg Bear on 01/03/2020

Hello, Alex! Thanks for the kind words. All of us working in science fiction influence others in so many ways, we all feel connected. I love "The Expanse," and suspect Larry Niven does as well... I'm pretty sure Poul Anderson would enjoy it! As for other influences in various films, sometimes we have to remind them of the originals, but usually, if a film does not acknowledge its predecessors, it's often enough terrible in other ways. Not worth bothering with when there's more stories to be written, no?

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