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Darwin's Radio: Eerily Prophetic

Posted by Bryan Staul on 12/13/2019

Upon my second read of Darwin's Radio I realized I never checked the publication date and to my surprise it was 1999. Predating our very eventful new century by a year. While nothing like SHEVA happened(although the Ebola cases on US soil in 2014 is close), I'd say the themes and plot conflicts in Darwin's Radio nailed past 20 or so years. Like the stories CDC/Washington thread our political polarization has infected the field of science blocking efforts to tackle real problems, most prominently climate change. The book features the same religious fundamentalism and terrorism that has plagued the decade. I could write a paper on this but I'll stop myself with a few honorable mentions such as the proliferation of fake news, globalization, and erosion of trust in public institutions are all there. So Kudos, Mr. Bear. This story hasn't aged a day!

Re: Darwin's Radio: Eerily Prophetic

Posted by Greg Bear on 12/27/2019

Interesting how things have turned out, no? Better to focus on the aspects of the novels that have not been scientifically demonstrated, and there are more than a few!

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