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On today's crisis

Posted by Gene Partlow on 11/10/2019

Dear Mr. Bear…I saw your News site’s “Restore America Now”. My wife and I and friends could not agree more. You may already be aware of this, though many scholars and journalists are not, and so tend to view today’s crisis as inexplicable and ahistorical. The great chasm splitting the nation (and many nations) is due in great part to The Southern Strategy, a malignant top-down identity politics creation engine, perfected in the early '70s. Eg: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy is fairly accurate but misses the enormity of a racist-targeting machine which indirectly and ineluctably targets anti-Semitism, misogyny, hatred of 'The Other', and more, since these prejudices all ferment together just under the skin of the world. And they feed on one another. The rise in entitled hatred is conjured by this SS, and in a sense, Trump is its Golem. Without knowing these things, any resistance is weakened. PS: I’m re-reading your “Songs of Earth and Power” again (my wife and I have to keep track of Michael) and we deeply appreciate the sensibility and generosity in your writing. Cheers, Gene Partlow, Ben Lomond, Ca.

Re: On today's crisis

Posted by Greg Bear on 11/12/2019

All relevant thoughts and info. I've referred to this as the last gasp of the confederacy...

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