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Noocytes & Jarts

Posted by Steven Guy on 10/24/2019

Dear Mr Bear, I just re-read Blood Music last weekend. It's a favourite of mine. I was thinking about the Noocytes and what they did to humans. It struck me that it was akin to the Jarts packaging life up for their imagined Descendant Command or, perhaps, something like going to heaven that we see in the Abrahamic religions. I find the thought of living in a Thought Universe or some sort of Virtual Reality distinctly unattractive at this point in my life. I like the material world with all its faults and chaos. I like to play musical instruments and finding new pieces to play in the Adelaide University Music Library. I new books (yours in particular) and new movies and new music. So, I'd be like Susie in resisting the Noocytes as long as possible because for me, however mundane and limited, reality is better than living in a dream or heaven. I will return to Blood Music again, I do so every few years. It was one of the few books in my life that I can honestly say of "it blew my mind" (Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End", Vernor Vinge's "Across Realtime", Charles Stross's "Accelerando" and your own "The Anvil of Stars" blew my mind too) Thanks for all the masterpieces you have created! Regards, Steven

Re: Noocytes & Jarts

Posted by Greg Bear on 10/28/2019

Thanks, Guy! 'Tis a real problem... Is heaven all it's supposed to be? We won't know until our subscription renews! Or Google decides to start charging us for our upline storage...

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