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Mara from Halo Silentium.

Posted by Juan Fajardo on 10/02/2019

Hello again, this second message is a little more personal than the one in the last post. As I told you in my last message, I read the Forerunner Saga along with my wife, who suffers from depression and she utterly loved the character of Mara. I am reaching out to you as a gesture of love for my wife, and as a gesture of appreciation for your work. It is difficult to write these words since this situation is heavy on anybody's shoulders and I hope not to sound like begging or like I consider you owe my wife or me anything. I just thought this would be a beautiful gesture from me to ask, and if possible, for you to help me out with a short paragraph to show some hope to her. This side of the message is obviously a little confession which I would appreciate to remain personal between you and I. But please feel free to contact on the email related to this post. I reiterate, I have loved your books and I will continue to read more of your work. With appreciation, Juan

Re: Mara from Halo Silentium.

Posted by Greg Bear on 10/03/2019

As I experienced it, depression is a journey in which it is very important to have a sympathetic partner, and you are certainly performing that role with excellence. Good luck and strong recovery for both of you!

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