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Mara from Halo Silentium.

Posted by Juan Fajardo on 10/02/2019

(wow, gotta start by saying it is unbelievable to assume there is the possibility to get an answer from YOU!) Well I have just reread the Halo Forerunner Saga written by you and your son (in the epilogue) and this has been a book which has changed my life as it has made me rethink many aspects of how I assume responsibility of my life. I deeply thank you for such compelling story and all the adventures it drew in my and my wife's mind (we read it together). To be honest, the character of Mara, presented in Silentium became something quite important in my partner's and my life and we are right now going through what I'd call a "reader despair" for not having heard of her whereabouts before the end of the epilogue. So here I am, writing this message to try and do something about it... Mr Bear, with all my appreciation for this work you wrote, I would deeply appreciate if you could give us some solace in the form of a couple of words about her fate in the book. Even if I get no answer, but you get to read this, I would like to thank you again for your work.

Re: Mara from Halo Silentium.

Posted by Greg Bear on 10/03/2019

Very flattered for your response, Juan-- I leave speculations on character fates to the Halo readers now that I am out of that loop! But I suspect all is well with Mara.

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