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Bio-chips are here

Posted by Arqel on 09/19/2019

"A team of engineers just successfully merged biological life with machinery, building tiny sperm-inspired robots that use living nerve and muscle cells to swim around when exposed to light." https://futurism.com/the-byte/tiny-robots-powered-muscles-nerves

Re: Bio-chips are here

Posted by Greg Bear on 09/20/2019

And for me this all began years ago with that article in NEW SCIENTIST! 28 January 1982, page 236 -- "Biochips speed up chemical analysis" Thanks, Arqel!

Re: Bio-chips are here

Posted by Arqel on 09/30/2019

Yes. As you have suggested and mentioned, a little curiosity and imagination...and, at least I say, an eye for progression...the possibilities, the probabilities narrow...while opportunity [for sight] increases.

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