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Thanks, Greg!

Posted by Steven Fischer on 08/03/2019

Hey Greg, Just wanted to say thanks for all the tremendous reads over the years. Just finished Blood Music, and City at the End of Time and Legacy have been favorites of mine for some time. As a fellow Seattliteite and someone who dabbles in fiction writing myself, I feel like I'm getting a master course on story-telling every time I pick up one of your books. Also, I'm no molecular biologist, but I work in medicine, and it's always nice when an author gets their science right. Killer job on the research for Blood Music and using it to create a world that feels just real enough to believe. Thanks for all the amazing characters and ideas over the years. Hoping to someday weave yarns half as well as you do! Best, Steve

Re: Thanks, Greg!

Posted by Greg Bear on 08/06/2019

Thanks, Steven! Wish us luck getting some TV shows/films off the ground based on a few of these works. And check out DARWIN'S RADIO for an update on my biological explorations.

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