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Thank You

Posted by Love Leaf on 07/29/2019

Mr. Bear, thank you so much for your exceptional and mind expanding work! I’ve been an avid reader my whole life, but my taste has been predominantly counter-culture-quasi-hipster literature. Stuff like Vonnegut, Burroughs, Bukowski... I’ve always loved science fiction, but with the exception of Ender’s Game, Phillip K. Dick and some of Bradbury’s short stories, I’ve always had a hard time enjoying the genre outside of the film medium. Well, the cover art of a paperback Eon caught my eye and the synopsis on the back really intrigued me. I have now fallen in love with The Way! I am about halfway through Eternity, now, and feeling more immersed in those universes and characters minds with each turning page! Again, thank you for your work, I am thoroughly enjoying being “stoned”! By the way, I’ve wondered this about myself as I’ve been reading, and I’m curious if you’ve ever wondered, would you align more with Naderites or Geshels?

Re: Thank You

Posted by Greg Bear on 08/06/2019

Thanks for the very kind words! I'm starting a new novel with EON themes and will have to decide which of those two parties I'm more sympathetic with! But even back at the beginning of this series, with "The Wind From a Burning Woman," I tended to favor the Geshels...

Re: Thank You

Posted by Arqel on 09/05/2019

Word. Geshel.

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