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Djamonkin Augh

Posted by Bryan on 05/27/2019

Hi, Mr. Bear. I only recently discovered that you regularly take the time to speak with fans of your work on this discussion board. As a longtime fan of your Halo work, I have always wondered if you had particular real-world African locations in mind when describing certain locales in Halo: Cryptum. Djamonkin Crater is said to be flooded with a small mountain on an island in its center. An imposing range of mountains is also said to lie nearby. Thanks!

Re: Djamonkin Augh

Posted by Greg Bear on 05/28/2019

Hello, Bryan! I was more interested in the general feel of the African landscape than specific locales. Still, I'm sure we could find some parallels, especially with the 100,000 year difference!

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