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Theme of Politics

Posted by Bryan Staul on 04/06/2019

Hi Greg! I've noticed a reoccurring element in many of your books is political disagreement and lack of communication getting in the way of solving the crisis at hand. Forge of God, Blood Music, and Eon feature this. Darwin's Radio seemed particularly politically charged as it dealt with abortion, antagonism towards the CDC, and terrorism. Do you feel that politicians are doomed to get it wrong even when science has it right? Do you

Re: Theme of Politics

Posted by Greg Bear on 04/29/2019

Politicians simply reflect the wavering will of the people. And that will can be conflicted by so many things. In our era, we're suffering through a strange resurgence of the old Confederacy! Which I wrote about years back. Likely this too shall pass, but it's infuriating while it lingers.

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