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First permanent base on Mars

Posted by Marcio Tex on 03/28/2019

Dear Mr. Bear, I would like to praise you for the plethora of entertaining sci-fi novels you’ve produced over the years. Among them, your remarkable wit delivered Moving Mars, which I consider a thought-provoking story that stands among the best books on the Red Planet. The way you conceived of the conflict between Mars’ colonists and the Earth, keeping the main plot soft enough to please the easy reader, was superb. Moving Mars is a benchmark for all later science fiction works about Mars. It made me one of your biggest fans. Altogether, your vision has inspired me, and I want to thank you. I’m an aspiring author myself who also tries to get the science right. Consortia is the title of my novel about a space medicine doctor sent to the first permanent base on Mars, where she must cope with a malicious plan set to uproot a study that deals with the possibility of creating new species for all existing genera, including humans, due to Mars’ low gravitational pull. I’m excited about it, and if the stars align, Consortia will be published by in the next year or two. In addition to being published, I hope to see you at a book signing or event of yours one day. It would be an honor to meet you and have one of your books signed. I also hope to send you a copy of my book one day if it is published. I don’t know if you ever read or review other authors’ books, but I would regard it as a privilege if you would consider looking at mine if it’s published. At times, as a writer, I feel like I’m alone on Mars. I write mainly for the joy of writing, but it would be wonderful to one day share my work with others who might enjoy it as I enjoy yours. From one space traveler to another. All my best, Marcio Tex

Re: First permanent base on Mars

Posted by Greg Bear on 04/05/2019

Hello, Marcio, and congrats on the book! We're going to be at Norwescon and Comic-Con in San Diego--maybe we can run into you there! In the meantime, enjoy authorhood!

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