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Blood Music Stuck in My Head

Posted by Bryan Staul on 03/08/2019

I stumbled into Blood Music about a year and a half ago. I drive a lot for work and usually burn through a ton of audio books. Some of these stay in my head, some not so much, then there's Blood Music. After a hard copy re-read I still can't put my finger on way I'm so fascinated with it. So first kudos for Mr. Bear, I immediately burned through Forge of God and Darwin's Radio. Second I think these questions are why I keep coming back to Blood Music. In the excellent short story Mr. Bear seems to base the story on the horror happening to Edward. But the expanded novel Mr. Bear seems to lean towards the positive aspects of the change. What made you change narratives? Was Bernard and Susies fears that the noocytes edit you during the change founded? Was Bernard being coerced by his noocytes? Did the noocytes ultimately convert the remaining humans without choice? Any thoughts are appreciated!

Re: Blood Music Stuck in My Head

Posted by Greg Bear on 04/05/2019

Thanks, Bryan! The novel incorporated a lot more thought about the implications of so many thoughtful beings, and that led to a more mystical/physics oriented interpretation. Or that's what Vergil tells me!

Re: Blood Music Stuck in My Head

Posted by Bryan Staul on 04/05/2019

Appreciate you taking the time to reply!

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