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The Gods themselves

Posted by Jon on 02/18/2019

Hello. I recently read Eon. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for the work, it was wonderful. In the book, I noticed that there were two express mentions of “the gods themselves”. There’s also a reference to alien species trading different types of space-time qualities across alternate universes, which is sort of the plot of the god’s themselves. Why did you put these references in the book?

Re: The Gods themselves

Posted by Greg Bear on 02/18/2019

Hello, Jon! Likely I was simply sprawling over the big ideas inherent in the novel. And of course making a reference to the same quote Isaac Asimov was referring to in his Hugo- and Nebula winning novel!

Re: The Gods themselves

Posted by Jon Harrison on 02/18/2019

Thank you for responding! I'm working my way through a top 100 sci-fi list and I happened to read The God's Themselves just a few books ago. So it was fresh in my mind! Thanks again for all the hard work. It was great.

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