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Origin of word Geshels

Posted by John A on 02/13/2019

Greg, Obviously the term "Naderites" from Eon/Eternity you named after Ralph Nader, but I was wondering where you got the term "Geshels?" It sounds like some sort of German word, but I just looked it up and can't find anything in any online translators. I did find some people with the surname "Geshel," but they look to be clustered more in eastern Europe and the US, which made me think it might have some sort of Hebrew origin? https://forebears.io/surnames/geshel Or was it just some name you made up?

Re: Origin of word Geshels

Posted by Greg Bear on 02/13/2019

When I was in High School, I coined the phrase as a play (perhaps awkward) on Gesellschaft. I stuck with it through several timelines, and then used it in "The Wind From a Burning Woman." How it came about is likely obscure even to historians on the Stone!

Re: Origin of word Geshels

Posted by John A on 02/13/2019

I see - thanks! Maybe in some future book you could invent a history of it. :-/

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