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Use of Nootic Matter

Posted by Jacob Mandell on 11/19/2018

Hello Mr. Bear-- While I have enjoyed many of your books over the years, I think my favorite might be the City at the End of Time. It really is a phenomenal piece of work. I am working on a creative project of my own (centered around a live action role playing game at the moment), and I was wondering if you might have any issue with my using "nootic matter" in my project. I think the notion of a changeable form of matter that responds or is linked to thoughtforms is really interesting, and while I'd like to use it to my own ends, I certainly wouldn't wish to step on anyone's toes to do so. Regardless of your reply, I very much appreciate the thought and effort that went into City at the End of Time, and I appreciate your work greatly. Thank you. Best regards, -Jacob Mandell

Re: Use of Nootic Matter

Posted by Greg Bear on 11/20/2018

Glad to have you use it. I was likely inspired by Sir Arthur Clarke's notion of mentally directing matter in CITY AND THE STARS, which also helped inspire my novel overall. Good luck with the project!

Re: Use of Nootic Matter

Posted by Jacob Mandell on 11/20/2018

Thank you very much! I'll likely try to track down a copy of City and the Stars now, as well! All the best, --Jacob

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