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Just mindblown here..

Posted by Owen Jorgensen on 08/10/2018

When I was in my early teens, I read Eon and Eternity. The reason I chose those particular books at that time was something as arbitrary as the way the books were wrinkled and worn when I first spotted them at the second hand bookstore right across from where I lived. I was completely taken by the story, and I felt it captured my attention quite a bit. Now, about 23 years later, the book still blows my mind, and I keep discovering things in the story I have previously missed. I think you managed to balance the fiction with the plausibility very well, if not perfectly. After having studied a bit about the cold war from a russian/soviet perspective, I think you managed to nail the setting perfectly. How on earth did you manage to do that? Well, I know that one may take a week to explain, so I'll settle for the perhaps most interesting question: What exactly was Pavel Mirsky? And could one say that the Jarts were Neo-Geshels on steroids after a few eternities?

Re: Just mindblown here..

Posted by Greg Bear on 08/12/2018

I had some help by working with the Citizens Advisory Council on National Space Policy beginning in the early 1980's. They were advocating for space defense, what later became known as Star Wars space defense, and while I had doubts about Reagan's take on the matter, he certainly played it as a poker hand... And watching that happen taught me volumes about both the Soviet Union and our own defense posture. Those discussions and the overall tone of the times helped me figure out more of the issues than I otherwise would have. Thanks for the kind words, Owen!

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