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Forge of God would make a GREAT movie

Posted by Chuck Anziulewicz on 07/16/2018

Every so often I'll just open the book and start reading from anywhere. It's so full of wonderment. And the destruction sequence that takes place in Yosemite is simply hair-raising. What a great movie this would make. I'm currently re-reading "Anvil of Stars," and I'm enjoying it much more than the first time I read it many years ago.

Re: Forge of God would make a GREAT movie

Posted by Greg Bear on 07/17/2018

Many thanks, Chuck! We've had a lot of very talented people working to bring this to the screen. Never say never!

Re: Forge of God would make a GREAT movie

Posted by Andrew on 12/31/2018

I would add my voice to this idea.. forge of god is the perfect novel to movie candidate. The right length , and a straightforward plot. They spent millions on that ridiculous movie about cities roaming about the planet. It flopped as the basic idea is untenable. While forge of god is based on interesting ideas that are all scientifically on point at the moment..

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