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Sad loss of Mr Ellison

Posted by Steven Guy on 07/09/2018

I was saddened to learn of the death of Mr. Harlan Ellison. I have enjoyed his wonderful and imaginative writing over many decades. He was a talented and unique Science fiction writer. Some years ago, Analog published his script for the planned "I, Robot" film which never got off the ground (the greatest science fiction film never made?). I hope it is made some day and dedicated to both Isaac Asimov and Harlan Ellison.

Re: Sad loss of Mr Ellison

Posted by Greg Bear on 07/10/2018

Harlan was one of a kind. And a major influence on the field, and on me as well.

Re: Sad loss of Mr Ellison

Posted by Arqel on 07/12/2018

Harlan was unusual. Of course certain similar experiences, sensibilities, and sentiments make for similar behavior. And even worse vilification, as one is not the friend of others. @Steven: I didn't know of Harlan's film script for I, Robot. Curious, as just the other night I was thinking about the Will Smith movie, and of course the Outer Limits versions (neither of which I have seen, and am curious how Lennie handled it - he directed as well).

Re: Sad loss of Mr Ellison

Posted by Greg Bear on 07/12/2018

The OUTER LIMITS version was actually an adaptation of Eando Binder's story I, ROBOT, not Isaac's... And starred Leonard Nimoy, as I recall.

Re: Sad loss of Mr Ellison

Posted by Arqel on 07/13/2018

Yes, Nimoy starred in both. His son directed the latter. (Ooops.) It's curious though not surprising the origin of the movie's script, and how it got turned into a vague version of The Caves of Steel. Harlan's script would have been interesting to see made, especially given Asimov's claim it would be "the first really adult, complex, worthwhile science fiction movie ever made." But would that surprise? Asimov's wit seems to have failed him, as he could've said to his publisher something like, "That's an Amazing idea - and let's include a nod to I, Robot, as my inspiration for suchs stories...."

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