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Halo: The flood.

Posted by William brown on 06/10/2018

Justone question. As I read the Forerunner trilogy i was a little confused. Can the flood create new precursor structures after they reach a certain stage or can they only use the precursor relics available.

Re: Halo: The flood.

Posted by Greg Bear on 06/13/2018

Good question! I leave it up to Halo experts to refresh my memory on this.

Re: Halo: The flood.

Posted by Juan on 10/02/2019

Not an expert on Halo, but will try to answer. The flood can't create new precursor structures, but they did take control of all those "stellar highways" they had built in previous times. The flood are a new state of the precursors and are not that interested in building as precursors did, but they certainly have control over Neural Physics.

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