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City at the End of Time

Posted by Peter Neal on 05/25/2018

Hello Greg I have just re-read this novel of yours after several years, to try and more fully understand it. Despite what some critics have said, I feel it is a wondrous attempt to go so far forward in time. I do have a couple of questions about the story. 1. Does Sangmer go back in time as Daniel and so taking and distributing the sum-runner stones which are a Shen device, to fabricate the 'good path' in space and time ? 2. Is the Chalk Princess another ego of Ishanaxade, a sort of plan B to fool the Typhon and it's human servants? Appreciate any clarity and hopefully I am not far off the plot! Peter Neal https://authorcentral.amazon.com/author/peterneal

Re: City at the End of Time

Posted by Greg Bear on 06/13/2018

Spot on, Peter! Thanks.

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