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Posted by Hank on 04/18/2018

I just finished Darwin's Radio and I really enjoyed it! Already looking to find the sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed the book but for one comment that I hope I'm misunderstanding. On the last page Kaye says: "'They stared at me in the market,' Kaye said. "I felt like a leper. Worse, like a nigger.'" Is this not disgustingly racist? It seems out of place and I hope that I'm wrong. Please help clarify this for me!

Re: Concern

Posted by Greg Bear on 04/18/2018

Agreed. Kaye is not herself racist, but she's describing how someone who has been discriminated against feels, historically and emotionally. It's blunt and direct and for her, it's a truth she's realized for the first time in her life.

Re: Concern

Posted by Hank on 04/18/2018

Thanks for helping me out with understanding. Great book, looking forward to reading you’re other material. I’m hooked! New appreciative fan, Hank

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