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Virosphere in NYT

Posted by Steven Becker on 04/14/2018

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/13/science/virosphere-evolution.html This article describes a layer of viruses covering the Earth above our weather systems. This layer is continuously dropping huge numbers of viruses everywhere; many transported intercontinentally. I can't even begin to imagine the implications of this, but for anyone who doesn't think we live in one, deeply integrated world, this couldn't be starker. Wow!

Re: Virosphere in NYT

Posted by Greg Bear on 04/16/2018

Very cool! And your assessment is spot on--with the understanding that most of these viruses are likely integral to bacteria and other microbiota, as they are in the oceans. In other words, bacteria are spreading their huge libraries around the globe--and most of them are neutral to us or beneficial.

Re: Virosphere in NYT

Posted by Arqel on 06/08/2018

This reminds me of 'the Mist' in Stephen Baxter's Xeelee sequence, an organic fog that permeates human settlements.

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