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about 2nd foundation

Posted by Nahian Omyo on 02/04/2018

Hello Sir, I am a big fan of sir isaac asimov and foundation is like my religious book.i read foundation series about 5 years ago and my spiritual awakening happened a several months ago.i know about asimov's wish and i figure out why he didn't write much about 2nd foundation and why he granted you guys to write it. so i wanna know something.is there any second foundation exist? if yes then i wanna join it because asimov's dream is just like my dream.if no,then i wanna get more knowledge about human mind and i guess you can help me with that.thank you.

Re: about 2nd foundation

Posted by Greg Bear on 02/07/2018

Janet Asimov approved Gregory Benford's idea that we write a new series of books set in, and expanding, Isaac's series. I, too, wish that Isaac were still here to continue on! Elon Musk's Tesla-to-Mars carries a digital set of FOUNDATION...

Re: about 2nd foundation

Posted by Sean M. Brooks on 02/11/2018

Gentlemen, besides Asimov's three original FOUNDATION books, I do wish Elon Musk had included Heinlein's THE MAN WHO SOLD THE MOON and Poul Anderson's THE MAN WHO COUNTS. D.D. Harriman and Nicholas van Rijn would make good role models for our new space entrepreneurs!

Re: about 2nd foundation

Posted by Greg Bear on 02/12/2018

Likely they already are role models for these folks! Our current generation of space entrepreneurs are enthusiastic SF readers.

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