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Posted by Jerry Witman on 01/25/2018

It has taken me years to get through this book. The characters hyper connectivity through the Yox and the distance between knowing their true selves has made this story terrifying for me. I picked up the paperback day one and I have finally had the courage to read it again. The dread and confusion I get while reading this is paralyzing at times. I can’t believe that this book seems to predicting our fate as we begin to lose ourselves in social media and limited personal interactions. I can’t help to think that this book, above all other works by Bear, would be a great replacement to Game of Thrones on HBO when they final conclude that story. The world, characters and suspense would lend perfectly to the serialized medium of television. Thank you for a great book now I must see a doctor for some counseling. This book is so relevant now, it hurts!

Re: Slant

Posted by Greg Bear on 01/28/2018

Many thanks, Jerry. I haven't re-read the book in some time myself! Might have to dip in here and there...

Re: Slant

Posted by Arqel on 03/26/2018

Jeez, I loved that stuff. These kinds of things have been the grist for my developmental mill. Greg has supplied many.

Re: Slant

Posted by Steven Becker on 04/20/2018

Mr. Witman, Your concept of the world in which Slant exists becoming a TV show feels 100% right on target. There is so much (highly plausible) richness in Mr. Bear's description of that time and place it seems like it could be delved into infinitely. Fingers crossed!

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