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Question about Forerunners in Cryptum

Posted by Abel on 01/13/2018

Hello Mr. Bear. I read the Halo: Cryptum and loved it , and especially loved learning so much about Forerunner society. There is one thing I was wondering about: Early on, the Didact used a Design Seed to make a Planet Breaker in seemingly minutes, which is an impressive feat. However, was the Design Seed's production speed an outlier within the Forerunners? Would their factories or assemblies used to make Planet Breakers in other wars be able to produce them at such a rate? Also, was the name "Planet Breaker" just an imposing and hyperbolic title akin to "Star Destroyer"? Or do Planet Breakers contain weaponry capable of actually breaking or destroying planets? Thanks in advance.

Re: Question about Forerunners in Cryptum

Posted by Greg Bear on 01/14/2018

Hello, Abel-- Thanks for writing! I've kind of off-loaded details from these novels to open up space for new books, so I don't recall just how fast the Didact's ship is constructed! But knowing the Forerunners, a planet-breaker is probably capable of doing what it's name suggests.

Re: Question about Forerunners in Cryptum

Posted by Abel on 01/14/2018

Thanks! For the Design Seed, the ship was built so fast that Bornstellar could not keep up with its production, and he would have had augmented perception and reactions, so it was pretty fast. I was just wondering if their factories would be as quick. Thanks for your response Mr. Bear.

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