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Uncanny Prediction

Posted by ....... on 12/11/2017

Hi, i was wondering if you had additional writings on the first two books of your Quantum Logic Series. Interested in you uncanny predictive abilities in the first three books. Most notibly the Direction the FBI took in the second book seems likey a fallout from the Mueller investigation and the antagonist Price's service was eerily similar to Eric Prince currently involved in the trump admin. Also, noticed your predicted the Haiti in book three and if you look at Crspr Cas research, the transformed becomes quite probable. Singed, not an adoring fan.

Re: Uncanny Prediction

Posted by Greg Bear on 12/18/2017

I was trying to head off the conservative apocalypse, seeing a lot of warning signs beginning in the 1980s that made me very queasy. Now we are in the middle of it, and so far, quantum computing and Jill haven't arrived! But some very capable folks are working hard on those issues as well. Take a look at my story in the Microsoft Research anthology, FUTURE VISIONS. In the meantime, I'm going to go write a fantasy for a while... Just to calm my nerves!

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