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Posted by geoff soper on 11/07/2017

greg I enjoyed, still retain, & still (very) occasionally reread infinity-concerto. About which, I had fairly-uncritically accepted arno-waltiri as being an actual historic composer. The list of supposed movies he composed at the back of the book, no doubt helping here. Not to mention of various known-actor & known film title. Compounded with the poetic notion of music transporting listener experiential state, as a basis for this novel, just added to my admiration of authorial expertise. Because other authorial friends have made music a basis of some of their novels, & some of their significant life choices, I decided to check my above suspicion of your authenticity, before introducing them to infinity-concerto . The net result being that my limited-access e-searches have not been conclusively yay or nay. Arno-waltiri not being mentioned, the various films listed sometimes seem to exist in poster form, while the only bogart-stanwyk film found mention of, is listed as having it'smusic (composed?) by a waxman I'm in the current process of getting a more extensive search of movie-poster with refc to infinity's list put me out of misery (=current rearch interest) regards geoff

Re: arno-waltiri

Posted by Greg Bear on 11/08/2017

Good to hear from you, Geoff! I had fun playing with and combining the lives and careers of some of my favorite film score composers to make up Arno Waltiri--including Korngold and Steiner. The films are riffs on film history and do not exist in our world in the forms and with the cast lists described. Huston was going to make MAN WHO WOULD BE KING with Bogart, but that never came to be--so he made it with Caine and Connery, an excellent version. (Jerry Goldsmith makes an appearance as well, under a barely concealed pseuodonym...)

Re: arno-waltiri

Posted by geoff soper on 11/08/2017

thanks greg another matter intrigues -- in the infinity-concerto, mention is made of a composer suing another composer for injury of I-am-unable-to-hear-or compose-music-in-a-sensible-fashion (as a result of listening to his music-performance) this seems too unusual a happening not to be true -- did such an event actually occur? regards geoff

Re: arno-waltiri

Posted by geoff soper on 11/08/2017

P.S. With your interest in music & a number of it's composers, you might find the novel Orfeo by Richard-Powers of interest. Being a convincing contemporary composer (& musician)'s eye view of life.

Re: arno-waltiri

Posted by Greg Bear on 11/10/2017

Thanks for the recommendation. TO my knowledge, the incident of one composer suing another for loss of ability has never happened. Maybe it's going on in Cuba right now, with those hearing/psychology issues, however?

Re: arno-waltiri

Posted by phantom of the opera on 12/23/2017

Not an exact fit, but Andrew Lloyd Webber had to settle with the Puccini family for hyper-blatantly stealing his music-of-the-night theme from Puccini's Golden Girl of the West opera.

Re: arno-waltiri

Posted by Arqel on 01/08/2018

@geoff: as I recall, that 'claim of abuse' in THE INFINITY CONCERTO was a reference to Schoenberg and dodecaphony/atonality. Which I balked at. Schoenberg RULES.

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