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Moving Mars -- Pressure Surge

Posted by Tim Cole on 09/17/2017

The idea of the a "pressure surge" is an important aspect of the story behind "Moving Mars." In the book's "universe," these things were observed during Viking missions. Question: is this phenomenon a total invention, or is it based on (even loosely) actual observations? That's the thing with your fiction, Mr. Bear. You do such a great job with "invented science" that it can be hard to see just when "real science" ends and "story science" starts. I can usually figure it out (once I've finished the story, anyway), but this one just won't let go!

Re: Moving Mars -- Pressure Surge

Posted by Greg Bear on 09/18/2017

Very good question! As I was writing MOVING MARS, I examined some of the Viking pictures and found what looked like long rolling fronts, perhaps the precursors to tornadoes. I then imagined the nature of very low-pressure atmospheres where such compression might occur. Whether the described condition has ever been seen or felt on Mars, I do not know--but it was fun to imagine! And there's certainly a lot of violent storm activity, high-speed winds, and other conditions. In WAR DOGS I looked at later orbiter pictures and realized that Mars was covered with "scribbles," likely the meanderings of dust devils.

Re: Moving Mars -- Pressure Surge

Posted by Tim Cole on 09/18/2017

Thanks for the quick reply. Maybe pedants like me could use versions of your books with the author's crib sheets. (Just kidding, of course.) Thank you for many hours of mind-bending imagination blended with whacking good stories.

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