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Eon Movie

Posted by Scott on 08/08/2017

Is there a possibility of Eon becoming a movie? One of best science fiction books I ever read.

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Greg Bear on 08/08/2017

Thanks, Scott. Possibility, yes, but nothing serious yet underway--except for the efforts of a hardworking agent!

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Perry Nicholas on 08/12/2017

Hi There Having just re-read EON I've pushed Stephen Baxter's Voyage back to 2nd place. Your story would make a great film but who should Pavel Mirsky be played by??

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Greg Bear on 09/09/2017

Some great Slavic actor, obviously! Any ideas?

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Jeff on 04/06/2018

For me, as appealing as an Eon movie would initially appear, I'd be terrified about what would have to be cut out in order to fit it into a 2->2.5 hour timeframe. Personally, I'd much rather see it adapted into a 6-8 part Netflix (or similar) TV series with each episode being an hour. That way, it could be much truer to the book.

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Greg Bear on 07/04/2018

That would work fine---though we shouldn't limit ourselves to Netflix, as fine as that would be!

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Guido on 07/18/2018

dear Greg, I agree with Scott the EON-series being the best SF I have ever read, I too would welcome a descent series on Netflix. Thanks for your writing skills!!

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Chef Jon on 07/25/2018

It seems unanimous from previous posts that Eon represents our top-shelf sci-fi to date, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s right up there with Dune. I just hope it doesn’t land in the hands of David Lynch, as much as I love him as a director; he just isn’t fit for sci-fi. Moreover, despite his nationality, I think Michael Pena would make a magnificent Mirsky. I hope very much that we’ll see Eon on the big (or small) screen one day, no doubt it would be a massive blockbuster! Thank you Mr. Bear!

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Greg Bear on 07/25/2018

I like both Lynch and (with some caveats) DUNE, but those years will never return! Thanks for the support!

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by darach beirne on 10/13/2018

Please do not allow them to make EON on the small screen - it should be large screen (ie Cinema size) to do the novels justice. I have a vision in my head of seeing tThistledown and the Way in either 70mm (best) or Imax - the casting choices would be very very interesting to see - especially Olmy

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Greg Bear on 10/15/2018

Most new movies today are projected at 4K on big theater screens... but 8K is coming along! 70mm is more of a pipe dream unless you're Christopher Nolan... But who knows?

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Patrick Young on 11/28/2018

Hello. I just came upon this thread. I am a huge fan of EON. Is there any news on its potential to come to the big or small screen?

Re: Eon Movie

Posted by Greg Bear on 11/29/2018

None yet! Thanks for your interest, Patrick.

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