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Posted by Bob Baron on 08/06/2017

How is Olmy? Is there another Eon book in the works?


Posted by Greg Bear on 08/07/2017

Could be three more, if publishers are smart! Pitching them now, but they likely precede Olmy...


Posted by Arqel on 08/10/2017

Three! An you was sayin not too long ago that you didna have none in the pipe. You sly bastard.


Posted by John A on 09/02/2017

Wow that would be great news!


Posted by Matt on 09/11/2019

Please! We need these three books!


Posted by Brad Hathaway on 11/22/2019

I would love more books in this series. My preference would be to visit the regular characters again. I just finished Eternity for the third time. Plenty of room to expand I think. It was stated there could be more than one Way for instance. Plus we still have Olmy on Timbl, Suli Ram Kikura & Tapi Ram Olmy on Earth. Many of our "Old Natives". What happens to Karen Lanier and her newly recovered daughter or even neo-Patricia and neo-Rita on their respective Earth/Gaia. Just a bug in your ear ;).

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