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Hiding civilisations

Posted by Steven Guy on 08/03/2017

Greg, as I watched Isaac Arthur's very entertaining and informative video on hiding civilisations, genocidal civilisations and killer Von Neumann probes, I could help thinking about The Forge of God and The Anvil of Stars, two of my all time favourite books. You and your fans may enjoy Isaac's video, if they haven't already seen it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEBn8bc0k-I

Re: Hiding civilisations

Posted by Greg Bear on 08/04/2017

Very cool! Thanks for the link.

Re: Hiding civilisations

Posted by Arqel on 08/10/2017

Everything points further and further to (sensibly!) expanding outward from Earth, and from 'human', as I think is depicted in Baxter's THE MEDUSA CHRONICLES.

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